Much of the failure to understand the Scriptures arises from the fact that we approach its pages thinking that we have to explain the Bible, instead of realising that the Bible has been written to explain things to us. Further, we approach the various books of the Bible as though they had no connection with the rest of Scripture, and thereby fail to perceive the beautiful design running through the entire Word. In approaching the book of Revelation it is of the utmost importance to notice its place in the canon of Scripture, and the relation which it holds to the remainder of the inspired Word. The simplest and at the same time the most obvious relation is the connection of this last book with the first, that is, Genesis.

Genesis tell us of the creation, the Serpent's deception, the loss of Paradise, the forfeiture of the right to the tree of life, the entrance of sin, death, and the curse. Revelation tells us of the new creation, the end of the Serpent's deception, the restoration of Paradise, the right to the tree of life, and the blessed fact that there shall be "no more death," and "no more curse". The third chapter of Genesis contains in a brief statement the great prophecy concerning the Seed of the woman, and the seed of the Serpent. Revelation shows us in fuller detail the final and complete fulfillment of this basic prophecy.



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