As we have written somewhat fully on the latter, we now give a few thoughts on the former. And here we must refer our readers to the article by a beloved brother in the February Number of Things to Come (1907), on "The Acts of the Apostles; considered Historically and Dispensationally."

The truth flowing from this is so important that, if it should compel us to revise our own views in some particulars, or even to re-write certain matters, let us together thank God for the light that reveals further truth, and for the grace which enables us to receive, believe, and use it.

The key is found in the last words of Stephen (Acts vii. 55), who saw the Lord Jesus "STANDING at the right hand of God."

Many have wondered, and have asked us why the Lord was "standing?" And the answer was not seen, because we had not rightly divided the "times." This vision was in A.D. 33; but when Paul wrote in Hebrews x. 12 that the Lord had "SAT DOWN" at the right hand of God, it was in A.D. 68.



from page 38, Vol. XIII, Things to Come