I didn't begin research of this topic from a negative framework. It was never part of my motivation to disprove the trinity. If the Bible had taught that there is a Christian trinity, I would have happily accepted it. Obviously, when a person does unpreconceived research, he does not determine beforehand what he will find. Research doesn't begin with the answers; it looks for the answers. I did not willfully choose to find what I have found. Also, my conclusion therefore is no Johnny-come-lately idea set forth to be iconoclastic, splashy or controversial. I have written up my years of research not to be argumentative; neither am I apologetic. I simply want to set forth my study as a workman for God, realizing that if the research is a right dividing of God's Word, many who believe it will be blessed. If my research is a wrong dividing of God's Word, then I stand before God as an unapproved workman. Either way I accept full responsibility. I have checked God's Word hundreds of times over, and thus I am convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that Jesus Christ is not God but the Son of God. If I weren't totally persuaded, I wouldn't think of committing this thesis to paper.

I realize I am asking a great deal from the readers of this study. For what has taken me several decades to search out in God's Word, I am exposing you to in a moment's reading. What I have had time to think over and pattern through God's Word, you are seeing in rapid progression. What I have had to unlearn from my religious upbringing and culture, you are facing stark naked. In other words, I've had time to study and change my conceptions when necessary. You too will need more time than one reading of this research contained in this volume allows. After all, research doesn't mean a simple, cursory reading; it denotes study, observation and unemotional detached consideration. A topic so utterly important as God and His Son Jesus Christ certainly deserves both your and my clearest and best thinking.



from pages 3- 4, Jesus Christ is not God