There must be a purpose, a reason, and an end result for our lives. That purpose of GOD in giving us life, would be the reason for our very existence. The pursuit of that purpose would then be the heartbeat of our existence. It then behooves us to learn about, to find, yea to pursue that purpose.

I have often half-jokingly stated that I would be happy if everyone else wasn't so miserable. Half-jokingly, because I am truly happy, truly fulfilled. Yet I know others are frustrated with, uncertain of, or even unaware of the very reason for their life. This of course is disheartening, especially when life can be so full, so rich. Realizing GOD's purpose for our nation, our lives, even our several abilities, is the beginning of a joyful existence with the Father. Pursuing that purpose is every day enjoying the living reality of HIS presence.

I know of no other way to discover the heart of our Creator than from an in-depth study of HIS word, the Holy Scriptures. But too many are content with just skipping over its surface never imagining the tremendous treasure buried within. The deeper we get into GOD's word, the deeper GOD's words, GOD's truths, GOD's realities get into us.

Perhaps more magnificently than how GOD hid gold in the Rocky Mountains, or a universe of microorganisms in a single glass of water, HE has hidden great treasure in the Bible. But we must read and study it to uncover that treasure. Unfortunately, some don't study the Bible because they fail to realize its greatness. They dismiss it as a book full of errors or contradictions and not to be trusted. Still others don't study it because of its greatness. They are awed by it and so overwhelmed that they believe they could never understand it. Both opinions occupy the same seat. Not possessing a few simple keys, the greatest work of GOD remains behind a locked door to them.

My goal in writing this Study is to bring the believer down into the word of GOD so deeply that he will then make it his companion and never again be satisfied with dwelling only upon its surface. My aim is to addict him to that word of GOD, as Job esteemed it, more than his necessary food (JOB 23:12).

From reading this Study I hope one's life to be bettered. What I expect more however, is for the reader to realize his Creator is greater than he had imagined, and his Creator's purpose for his own life greater than he ever dreamed. As we within pursue that purpose, I am convinced that our quality of life will grow proportionately.

I know that our heavenly Father did not create us to mediocrity. As someone once taught, "He made no empties". Each one of us has it within GOD's will to accomplish greatness, even if that greatness is limited only to ourselves. However straight the way or narrow is the gate, GOD is able to make us adequate for the task ahead. Our purposes may vary, as do our strengths and weaknesses, but GOD like a Rock never wavers. Scripture teaches that there is not even a shadow of GOD turning from HIS people.

A familiar passage to most believers reveals to us that GOD gave HIS only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish! GOD's will was that they not perish. Why? Why would GOD want so much for them not to perish, that HE would give HIS only begotten Son? The simple answer is this, "that they might have everlasting life"! Not just life but a life that is rich and abundant and everlasting. That alone should inspire us to seek out this life, this GOD and HIS purposes.

The purpose of GOD in laying the foundations of this world and having mankind replenish the earth is what this life is all about. The foundations are laid, the earth is replenished, and all that is waiting is our pursuit of that purpose.