Month of NISAN

Below, in calendar form, are the events of the last six days of Yeshua's (Jesus') life and His resurrection three days later. We should point out for those who are not aware, that while our day begins at midnight with half of the night being part of yesterday and the other half beginning the next day, the Jewish day began at sunset, with the evening.  Some think that "evening" means "end," being at the end of the day.  Actually, "eve" means "the period immediately proceeding a certain event" The American Heritage Dictionary.  Thus we have the night before New Years Day as "New Years Eve" or the night before Christmas Day as "Christmas Eve."  "Evening" for the Hebrews meant the period proceeding the day, from 6 pm to 6 am.  Their actual day began around 6 am, thus the third hour of the day on which Yeshua was led away to be crucified, was around 9 am, while the 9th hour of the day on which Yeshua died, was around 3 pm.  This is why we have offset the days in the calendar below from the dates.  For us, Thursday the 8th started at 12 midnight, but for the Hebrews, it started 6 hours earlier around  6 pm on Wednesday.

Credit should be given to Jesus Christ Our Passover, by VP Wierwille for much of the research which resulted in the following calendar.



 six days before crucifixion


 JOHN 12:1-11   



 Yeshua enters Jerusalem  first time

MARK 11:1-11

LUKE 19:28-44

JOHN 12:12-50


 He enters Jerusalem second time

MATTHEW 21:1-17

MARK 11:12-19

LUKE 19:45-46


 incident at temple

MAT. 21:18-26:5

MARK 11:20-14:2

LUKE 20:1-22:2


 day before capture

MATTHEW 26:6-19

MARK 14:3-16

LUKE 22:3-13


 trials and tortures

MAT. 26:20-27:30

MARK 14:17-15:19

LUKE 22:14-23:25

JOHN 13:1-19:16



MATTHEW 27:31-61

MARK 15:20-47

LUKE 23:26-55

JOHN 19:17-42


 guards at tomb

MATTHEW 27:62-66



 spices acquired

MARK 16:1

LUKE 23:56



MATTHEW 28:1-4

JOHN 20:1-10