Church Traditions


We think it prudent for a believer to periodically ask himself why he believes what he does about the things of GOD. Church tradition has so subtly concealed the truth from us, it is an endless challenge to be free of its tether.

If one would think of modern Christianity as an intricate puzzle, each piece being a concept, he might grow astonished as he removed from the table those concepts not substantiated in the Bible.  If at the end of the search, no piece was left on the table, he may very well wonder what he has devoted his worship to? We have found little truth, much tradition, but little truth in today's Church.

We are not proposing that one is not sincere, even genuine in his observance of many Church Traditions, but we are proposing that a wholesale lack of Biblical origination for them must at the very least be cause for concern.  Are Church Traditions an aid to devotion, or an evidence that today's Church did not originate with Yeshua [Jesus] nor His original apostles?  You decide, here are the facts...




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